Heat Tourism?? People Are Traveling For Selfies with Extreme Thermometer Readings

People are driving thousands of miles to Nevada’s Death Valley for a selfie with the thermometer listing one of the hottest recorded temperatures on Earth. Last month the Death Valley National Park recorded the hottest temperature ever reliably measured on Earth, and “heat tourists” have been flocking there ever since hoping to snap a picture…


Detectives Replace Marine Vet’s Stolen Military Medals

A Vietnam War veteran’s military medals were stolen in a home burglary in 2019, but detectives on his case replaced them for him. When Thomas Faleskie’s house was broken into, he and his wife lost many valuables, but the military service medals were especially important to him. So Detective Frank Corona, who worked on the…


Wisconsin Teachers Make Music Kits So Kids Can Play Along At Home

A group of teachers in Wisconsin put together 75-hundred music kits for their students to use during distance learning. They’ll contain items for the kids to create music, like an egg shaker, rhythm sticks, or drum sticks and a bucket. Music teacher Stephanie Kapsa led the project and secured more than $50-thousand in funding to…




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